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Your hosts ...

... September 2012 ... The commune of La Vraie Croix gives us the keys of the Domain of Bobéhec and trust us to exploit its places. Two years that there is more activity here. It's up to us to restart the machine in our own way, as we understand it!

... Manu, originally from St Etienne started working as a seasonal hotelier. He then specializes in the field of outdoor sports. Tracker rescues the winter and guide of rafting and kayak on sunny days. He takes advantage of his offseason to travel.

... Liza, from Bordeaux, is a chemist by training. She begins her professional life around vineyards and wine. She then moved to Spain where she bought with her former companion a hotel-bar-restaurant she operated for 3 years. Forced to leave, she returned to France and made many jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry.

We met in 2010. From this union was born this project, this common desire to take over a hosting structure.After a lot of research, destiny has opened the doors for us in Brittany. In 2012 the birth of Eliott, our first child, was the driving force of this adventure. And icing on the cake, our little Breton, Melusine was born in 2013. We are today a happy family, all embarked in the same "galley" ...

"He dies slowly who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music, who does not know how to find grace in his eyes.

He slowly dies the one who destroys his self-esteem, the one who never lets himself be helped.

He slowly dies whoever becomes a slave to the habit, making the same paths every day, who never changes his landmark, never risks changing the color of his clothes Or who never speaks to a stranger

He slowly dies the one who avoids the passion and his whirlwind of emotions those who restore the light in the eyes and repair the wounded hearts

He dies slowly who does not change course when he is unhappy at work or in love, he who does not take risks to realize his dreams, the one who, not once in his life, has fled the advice sensible.

Live now!

Risk yourself today!

Act now!

Do not let yourself die slowly!

Do not deprive yourself of being happy! "

Martha Medeiros

This is the meaning we have always given to our lives, our convictions and our values that we inculcate every day to our children. Our guideline; respect for others, self-respect and responsibility for all our actions lead us directly to the idea of benevolence between human beings, sharing and solidarity. Path not always easy to follow in today's society, but we hold on!

For us, "ecology" and "bio" are essential notions and movements that are part of our everyday lifestyle. We do not follow a "fashion" of the 21st century, it is simply obvious because we are convinced of the collective and personal benefit!We may not be responsible for the exaggeration and foolishness of some, but we are all responsible for the world we leave to our children. That said, we live with our times and admit that the world and the technologies evolve. Far from us the idea that we are perfect, we give no lessons, we only do the maximum in all conscience.

Here are some actions that we do every day and as soon as possible when we welcome you to Domaine de Bobéhec:

- Sorting waste and compost,

- The soaps of the rooms of hosts are "made-home",

- All our cleaning products are manufactured by ourselves,

- For breakfast or table d'hôte, we mainly use organic products and / or local and sustainable agriculture.

- ...

Live !

Because for us, work is not an end in itself but a way of life, a state of mind to integrate into our daily lives. We have always done things by passion or desire and not by need. Resume Domaine de Bobéhec allowed us not to get into routine routines such as "subway, work, sleep". Our daily life is punctuated by our different projects that they realize or not!

"If you think the adventure is dangerous, try the routine it is deadly."

paulo Coelho

Our personal experience brings us to many reflections, but to a single unequivocal conclusion: to live life to the fullest. Have a measured sense of the future while fully living the present moment ...

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you had to live forever"


We are delighted to welcome you to Domaine de Bobéhec, we will do our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We are open to all discussions and sharing of ideas, we learn every day from others. Here, there are no problems, there are only solutions.

Manu and Liza